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This is the home of our Bush Trail.  This, is where we share parts of our every day life - of living and working in the African bush, with you.  It would be better if you could see it for your self, however, we'll make use of this site to keep you informed of the seasonal changes, creatures we see and tracks we find.

A true bush trail is unplanned. We go for a walk in the bush, try to keep the noise level down, listen and look carefully.  Everyday or night brings something new, there is always a part of creation we can enjoy and marvel at and we realise, we are blessed to live in Africa.

We are South Africans by birth, but nature lover's by heart and no matter where we travel, we cannot get enough of the diverse ecosystems in our world.  Bushtrail is all about the trails we take through the bush, and by we, I mean mostly the bush walks we take as a family (that being Joshua - the son, Jennie the wife and Pieter the husband) but it also includes friends, family and guests who visit us.

This is an account of how we work for conservation and how we live for biodiversity conservation!



We are working towards achieving a dream - where conservation is practiced wholeheartedly and where research works for Conservation.  As such, we use every opportunity to learn more about our environment,we listen to those coming to share this space with us and in time, we get to better our understanding in research and conservation. Trail Safaris - walk with a Specialised Knowledge and Skills guide (SKSDG) and learn from years of trailing, tracking and walking safaris... Need a place to study in nature, have something in mind for a postdocterate? Take a look at Buffelskloof Nature Reserve We support a woman-owned company, the only form of income: Cathkinpark Reservations - Need a retreat to the countryside of KwaZulu-Natal, explore the Drakensberg, visit ancient rock art sites or walk across grasslands... find the ideal place that suites your taste and budget.

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