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    Country Office & Home Schooling

    The good old typewriter was portable too, though not as light weight as my laptop! Here I am on a journey into the bush to establish an office in the middle og no-where and take a shot at home-schooling my son!

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    Case Study

    My first challenge was communication. The farm telephone lines are not reliable and there is no cell phone reception so 3G or wireless internet were not options. My rather expensive deal came through in the form of a satellite connection. So I have internet connection and if the wind does not blow, I’ll have a line.  The nearest town is 56km away and as someone concerned about my carbon footprint, my sanity and wear and tear on our vehicle, travelling every day into town is not an option, which is why I am now leaning towards home-schooling Joshua.  I thought it best to take next year as my practice year (doing the school readiness programme first) and get things in line before he begins his formal education per say!

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