I have a deep-rooted passion and love for fauna and flora especially in large, remote, undisturbed areas.  All I want to do is spend my time in the ‘bush’ ever increasing my knowledge of nature and its secrets.  I also try to gain as much knowledge as I can from other people enabling me to learn from their experiences.

All my life – well – ever since I can remember anyway, I have had an interest in wildlife and wild places.  Even though my father was a dairy, beef and sheep farmer! Since starting my guiding career in 2001, I have realized that the possibility exists of me achieving my dream to work in a wilderness area.

I am now at a place where I can actually devote my life to and where I can grow and get to know its working intimately. Where I can pass on the knowledge that I have, but also learn more… I believe, “a day that I did not learn something new or teach someone something, could have been better utilized”.

This site was set up by my wife, Jennie who also loves wilderness.  Together we hope to take you on a true bush trail, but, if you are unable to join us on foot, then keep up with us in cyberspace…