Finance a Cause

Are you looking for a way to finance a wildlife cause?

There are so many wildlife species facing extinction, here in South Africa the Rhino and African Wild Dog are at the front of everyone’s minds, but there are various species of butterflies, frogs and birds that are also in grave danger and need conservationists to do their part in preventing their species decline.

This takes money. Read our Case study below…

There are anti-poaching teams that need equipment, there are field rangers that need training, and there are game rangers who have lost limbs in their effort to fight the war against poaching.

They need money.

Urbanization, rural development, tourism are just some of the factors putting pressure on our environment, we urgently need field agents, EIA’s and researchers to get into the field to collect, monitor and analyse data so that we can make informed decisions when it compact to how we impact our environment.

That requires money.

We too have a dream, it’s a place where we can be custodians of the land, a place where nature conservation students can go to for practical experience and be a part of work integrated learning practices, it’s a place where the field rangers have decent boots to walk in, a place where life insurance is offered to game rangers and their families. Of course, to make that dream come true, we need money!

To get that money, become an entrepreneur. Work after hours, work from home and know that whilst you make money to support your cause you’ll also be supporting other conservation cause indirectly!

Quit trying to raise funds and build a business to support your wildlife cause!