Kitchen Composter

Creating Compost from your kitchen Food Waste!

20l digester, strainer and bokashi

“The start up kit”

Its simple.  You need a Container and strainer made from 100% recycled plastic plus bags of Bokashi!

You scrape all your left over food – yes, all!  Meat, pizza, lettuce, veggie peels, orange peels too – even small bones into your container.

Sprinkle Bokashi over it and mash it down, seal the lid tightly and leave it.

No flies or mess.




In the anaerobic container, the microbes transfer from the Bokashi onto the food waste.

Fermentation (NO ROTTING more like a cider kind of smell) takes place and within 4-6 weeks your food waste has been decomposed and is ready for your garden beds and lawn in the form of compost.

The liquid (plant juice) that filters through the strainer can be used as pot-plant food or in your vegetable/herb garden!

It is safe for humans and all wildlife – including your not-so-wild pets and toddlers.

It can stay in your kitchen – no monkey/baboon issues

The end product is compost for your garden, or a friend’s garden or, you could sell/donate it!

So here’s a chance to decrease your FOOD waste footprint.


What it Costs:
Once-off Cost:     R255 for 1 x 20l container and 1 bag of Bokashi.
Since a 1kg bag lasts 4-6 weeks, you need a few more bags of Bokashi and possibly another container, (a household of 4 would normally fill the Digester in 2-3 weeks but the fermenting process takes 4-6 weeks) unless you are willing to dig a ditch into which you’ll empty your full container, cover with sand and leave for 2 more weeks, thus free-ing up your only container for the next foodwaste collection…
Maintenance costs: 2-3 Bags of Bokashi @R75 each; 4-5 Bags of Bokashi @R70 each; 6-7 Bags of Bokashi @R65 each; 8+ Bags of Bokashi @R60 each. (So get your neighbours to order at the same time so that delivery is to one address and make use of the discounted bulk order offer)
Extra Containers: 20l digester = R150 ; 25l digester = R170
Lodges/Restaurants: 150l drum = R840
                                25kg Bag of Bokashi = R980 ea ; 3-6 x 25kg Bags of Bokashi = R900 ea ; 7-10 = R850 ; 11+ bags = R750 each.
*Large orders will be discounted
** Shipping is excluded

Please let me know how many digesters and bags of Bokashi you would like to order and feel free to forward this onto your friends for the Greater good of Conservation, our planet and your garden!