take note

I’m more of a wilderness lover than a birder, but being married to a game ranger means that you get to see and take note of every living creature that contributes to the complex ecosystems into which we venture on holiday, whilst taking a walk at home or out on a game, bird or bush walk with guests.

Taking note of tracks left on the path tells a tale of its own, looking into and through the bush when you hear a rustle can prove to become a valuable sighting of a leopard, bushbuck or scrub hare. Hearing a crack of branches and then waiting patiently can reward you with a sighting of elephant on foot!
So we live and learn from the bush taking in its secrets, admiring the intricate way all the organisms work together and add to our experience of being in the African Bush. Sometimes the tiniest creatures produce the greatest wildlife sightings, but it takes knowledge and understanding of the surroundings to see into this world.

My journey to gain knowledge about the bush means I need to become a birder and take interest in my sons’ arthropod studies. It has also has made me realize that visitors to Africa can have a safari that is more meaningful than just seeing the lion, rhino, elephant and buffalo, they can become a part of the habitat in which these wonderful animals live, even if it is only for a short time, what they will take back home will remain with them forever!

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