Game Counts

Aerial Game counts have proved to be as reliable as road strip counts.
There are various ways of conducting game counts and we have a way that does NOT cost a fortune!

The same aircraft used for aerial reserve monitoring and surveillance is the aircraft used for Game Counts!

camo-aerial game count The Bat Hawk airframe is strong and durable, allowing it to be used in many roles. With the second seat available to take significant loads a number of Bat Hawks have been adapted for use in a variety of applications such as:aerial surveillance

• Game reserve aerial surveillance, where the type is particularly well adapted due to its very slow forward cruising speed, relative silence and stealth characteristics
• Fence checking and stock mustering on farms
• Aerial topdressing and sprayingCat conservation
• Aerial photography and surveying
• Reconnaissance and surveillance
• Regular ranger patrols.
• Carcass location.
• Water-point monitoring
• Monitoring of rare species
• Gathering of Scientific data for research purposes. • Radio telemetry and chemical immobilization of animals.
• Anti-poaching and follow-up patrols.
• Patrolling rivers and gathering valuable data on crocodiles for the Kruger Park Scientific services.
• Monitoring and mapping burning programs in the Parks , including aerial burning of fire breaks with the Raindance Aerial Incendiary machine.
• Patrolling the Kruger/Mozambique/ Zimbabwe borders.
• Vegetation mapping and erosion monitoring.

Aerial game counts riverine count

Side by side seating, dual controls, comprehensive instrumentation and flying characteristics totally free of vices, make the Bat Hawk an ideal flight training aircraft. Due to the conventional 3-axis aircraft controls, the Bat Hawk is ideally suited for initial flight training towards a National Pilot’s Licence (LSA).

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