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bush birthday for a boy

March 3rd, 2010, posted in Home Schooling

Celebrate a 6yr old boy’s birthday in the bush

“So what kind of cake would you like for your party?” ‘A dragonfly, please Mom.’
“Ok” and that was the beginning of planning Joshua’s themed party.

The edible ticks are buns with slices of cheese as the legs!

We played unravel the spider web, pin the spider to the web and had a treasure hunt for toy insects! Fun was had by all! More photos will go on our facebook page… The weather was a typical summer’s day & we had a swim in the pool too! Even though there were only a handful of children, there was lots to do and great excitement – the way birthday parties should be!


treasure hunting


The Birthday Boy loves insects of all shapes and sizes, so we read about them, draw them and observe them. When we take a walk on the reserve, he will find spiders, tiny bright green species in hidden webs, and large bark spiders on the trunks of trees, we listen to the chips of crickets and we can’t help notice the shrill of the cycadas! Somehow, we do bring home pepper ticks at least once a week in summer too! Our garden is a fenced part of the Nyala breeding camp, so toktokkies come and go as they please, millipedes are common and we have a series of scorpion burrows as well, so our life is full of arthropods!