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The unusual Tail

March 23rd, 2010, posted in Wildlife

What’s unusual about this Tail? Well, it’s short…

zebra on the left lost half its tail

“ The one that got away” becomes the talking point of an open-landrover, wildlife safari, the question asked on a game walk “What happened to that Zebra’s tail?”

It is in these moments that the field guide or game ranger must decide to tell the truth or make up a story to entertain the guests.

I don’t know why this Zebra has a stump tail, I would guess it escaped some sort of attack, but I had no one to ask, perhaps it lost the remainder due to an infection, the possibilities are endless and though this animal species is often seen on the African Plains, I decided to dedicate this blog post to the Zebra with almost no tail making it an unusual sighting, even though the zebra is a common sighting!

checking up on pregnant cheetah

October 16th, 2009, posted in Wildlife

As you know cheetahs are very special and when it’s a pregnant cheetah, well, that’s even better! This morning’s game walk was more of a mission to locate her and make sure all is well! Not only was the weather perfect and a slight breeze blowing in our favour but the air was clear so we could see for miles and we found some Hyena tracks too!

view of the waterberg bush and mountains

view of the waterberg bush and mountains

large hyeana tracks in soft sand

large hyena tracks in soft sand

cheetah with her impala

cheetah with her impala