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Round 1

January 12th, 2010, posted in Home Schooling

Home Schooling a Five year old:

Round 1 has started, we took our first steps yesterday and it was a challenge! I have allocated Joshua a table and chair in my office and a set of drawers for his books and stationery.

Counting went well as did tracing his name and numbers.

We are busy with Maths – holding up fingers, using stickers and actual objects around the house to match the quantity to the digit. We break and get stuck into reading, I take 3 letters and 1 vowel that he already recognizes and play; I spy with my little eye, something that begins with “s”.  Joshua copies the letters I have written in his excercise book and we write his first word – os – which is Afrikaans for ox! By this time, I need a tea break – it’s hot today!

After the break, we read about plants and how they grow, then I ask Joshua to load the hand spades in his wheel barrow.  I have some transparent containers that we fill with a few stones, then some mowed lawn cuttings and head down to the vegetable garden for some good soil!  While we are digging up the soil, we find an earth worm and a short biology lesson follows about why earthworms are good for our vegetable garden soil and what they do and what they eat – all promoted by the onslaught of questions from my very curious son!  I allow Joshua to push some holes into the soil and to plant a variety of vegetables, which he covers with a light layer of soil and waters them.

We break and we do a bit of  colouring in – I need to recap and check if he knows his colours in Afrikaans! My son knew all his shapes and colours at the age of 3 (we had an issue with red& green and thought he may be colour-impaired at one stage), but now we have chosen to teach him in Afrikaans and that means all basics need to be learnt all over again! Besides purple and grey, he got them all!

Shew, time for lunch and his first day at home-school is done!