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Why arrive earlier at the airstrip?

June 16th, 2010, posted in travel, Wildlife

Why should you arrive earlier at the airstrip?

When we book fly-in safaris it is either to save the guests travel time, to allow the guests to experience the area by air, or simply because the roads are so bad it could ruin the experience!

Two weeks ago we were on our way to the Royal airstrip in the Lower Zambezi valley when our transfer came to stop as a beautiful male leopard walked across the road…

Leopard walks across the road

So we stop and watch him rather than rush to catch a flight!

The bottom line _______ even in rural Africa, in the bush without traffic, you may want to leave a little earlier than you need to, you never know what you might see along the way!

Bush eyes? How Game Rangers spot animals:

November 25th, 2009, posted in Educating You

Visitors to the bush know it takes a while before you start spotting wild animals through thick bush, in long grass or across the valley on the opposite hill.  Somehow spotting animals in the wild come naturally to game rangers and I can only think it’s because they must have Bush eyes!

Take this simple test for example: Look at picture 1 what do you see?  Now look at picture 2 and see if that was more difficult or not?



When I asked Pieter how he spots these animals at such a far distance he simply says,” …when it twitched its ear, my eye caught the movement and I looked more carefully.” or “Did you see that flick of a tail?” Ok, so the flick of the tail can be seen, because I saw it, but the twitch of an ear? I was looking in the same direction and I knew what I was looking for and still, I could not see it!!  He also said, “… that wasn’t a rock, a log or leaves, it ‘s an animal”.

Pieter finds small creatures like caterpillars and chameleons at night with ease so it’s not just the larger creatures!  I’m convinced he has a sixth sense when it comes to seeing things in the wild!

The following pictures were taken after the initial sighting, proving that patience can deliver!

leopard, Zululand

leopard, Zululand

leopard, AmaZulu Game Reserve

leopard, AmaZulu Game Reserve

young leopard sighting

young leopard sighting