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Why the internet did not work for me

April 7th, 2010, posted in Climate & Weather, Uncategorized

Could we class the internet as a form of employee? Could it be classed as cheap labour? The internet makes money for many people. The internet is a messenger. The internet supplies me with information. I certainly use the internet to bank and shop. In a rather abstract way, the internet works for me…

I write this post from the African Bush, too far away from an exchange to have, ADSL, too far away to make use of fibre optic cables, surrounded by hills prohibiting cell phone signal and thus unable to use 3G or GPRS.

My means of communication with the outside world is via a satellite internet connection. Most days it works fine and since most of my business is done via e-mail, Skype and IM, all I need to do is keep my website up-to-date, right?

During my working week I make time to write a few articles to blog about, but mostly I put together tours for people wanting to visit Africa and this takes time, only because I match each client’s interest to a tour, I do not like sending them on typical tour packages, rather, I like to find out a little more about these people, what type of accommodation they would prefer, what they would like to see and the time they have set aside to visit, then I check availability and put a selection together for them to choose from. This involves e-mailing and checking availability where ever possible online, so having internet is vital to my efficiency.

However, when we have an electric storm, I have to unplug the satellite connection to avoid being electrocuted and whilst this may afford me the opportunity to prepare e-mails or blogs, the minutes and sometimes hour tick by… Today the cloud cover is low and thick and every now and then the satellite losses its connection and I have to wait for the connection before continuing. Due to the weather, today the internet did not work for me!